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Nothing But “Net”

ok. So the folks helping plan, organize, and deliver the meeting are awesome. If the product is no good, and the technical support is bad, then it is all a moot point. With SmartCity, that is not an issue. The SmartCity operations team is very good and top notch. Lead by Mohamed, Brandon, and Danny, […]

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Its all about customer support @ OCCC

Word on the street is that ACC09 was very successful. Everything I saw confirms this. I heard attendees, faculty, and leadership were pleased with the meeting and our conference was well covered by the media. I read several news articles, viewed TV stories, and saw numerous web articles. This is great for the ACC. We […]

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Orange County Convention Center

Orange County Convention Center The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is one of the nicest conference facilities in the US. The center is well kept and the staff and their partners are the best. We have enjoyed our visit and can not wait to come back. View pictures of the OCCC @ Flickr

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ACC09 Expo Opens

ACC Central @ ACC09

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Entering Maytag Mode

Saturday is here and we enter “Maytag Mode”. We say that because we have been here for 8 days and setup 8 networks in 92 locations. Everything is working and now we start a new phase of monitoring the various networks and providing technical support. Luckily the NOC team has been doing this for a […]

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Digital Signs

New this year is the use of digital signs @ ACC09. Replacing paper signs, digital signs provide information on each individual education room and allows us to stream live video for just in time situations. Check out this sample in front of our ACC09 and i2 Faculty Lounge. It displays information on the room and […]

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Meet the NOC Staff

Time to meet the NOC Staff. These are the folks who get stuff done. ACC Staff. Left to right is Dan Musolino, Larry Chiarizia, Dave Denbow, Tom Walker Rentsys Staff. Left to right is Miguel Checo, Chad Adelman, and Mark Buesnel. View pictures of the NOC Team @ Flickr

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Hey – Finally – People are showing up

Folks are rolling in It is cool to see folks showing up. Various ACC staff, vendors, and contractors are here to do their thing. We have been busy getting a number of temporary offices setup with computer and Internet access. Our meeting planner office is setup. That is an office for 20 folks with Internet […]

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Home for a week or more

We are staying at the Swan and Dolphin hotel and resort. I would say its the corporate hotel for Disney. It’s a very large resort and very nice. Still has lots of kids. The only problem is kids are loud in the AM sometimes. Not a problem. View pictures of the Swan and Dolphin Hotel […]

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What is a NOC?

A NOC is old school for Network Operations Center. Typically an operations center to manage a computer network. In our case, this goes back to the mid 90’s when we rolled in and ran tons of cable and brought in our own network. This included bringing in our own Internet connection. Back in early 90’s […]

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